Monday, November 29, 2010

Andy & Zeus - The Stranger File (collected releases 2010)

EGS012: Andy & Zeus - The Stranger File

The Stranger File collects all of the Andy & Zeus material released in 2010 with a few unreleased nuggets on one 70 minute cassette. Includes an alternate mix of Humid Hang, as well as an outtake from the sessions from our forthcoming LP and live excerpts recorded from a six hour set in Brooklyn on 10/30/2010.
Limited edition of 30 tapes/Unlimited digital edition.

Program A:
1. Mystery Cells
2. Cristal Manor
3. Basement Wizard
4. Panama Tunnel
5. The Wine Song (excerpted from the chill zone: 10/30/2010 Brooklyn NY)

Program B:
1. Luna Sea (Riding a Moonbeam)
2. Humid Hang (alternate mix)
3. Here We All Are
4. Sanitary Unfolding