Thursday, June 16, 2011

AR Plovnick - Satchidananda

EGS021: AR Plovnick - Satchidananda

AR Plovnick (Andy & Zeus/Lead Stones) serves up two tasty slices of meditative bliss on this new limited edition tape. Recorded live directly to cassette tape at Electrick Gypsyland studio using synthesizers, electronic organ, and various echo devices. 'Mind Voyage' soundtracks suitable for beginners and experts alike. Start your day in peace with the Morning Program and ease into the nighttime hours with the Evening Program. The digital transfer did not meet EGS quality standards, so we aren't offering downloads at this time, Now available for free download, and the tapes sound excellent. Order online (link below) or if you're in Brooklyn, you can pick one up at the Sky Picnic/Lead Stones/No Kill/AR Plovnick show at Legion on 6/18.
Limited Edition of 15 tapes.

Side A:
1. Morning Program

Side B:
1. Evening Program