Sunday, October 9, 2011

Check us out on Bandcamp

I spent the last couple weeks trying to get all of our releases up on our Bandcamp site. A few things had their own Bandcamp pages already, but if it wasn't there before, chances are it is now. Now you can stream/download/share most of our releases at Expect all future releases to turn up there as well as here.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Zachary Wilson - Don't Panic

Zachary Wilson - Don't Panic EP

Summer is winding down, and everyone at EGS is keeping busy. In addition to the previously posted EPs from Double Entendre and Dolph Rundgren (AKA AR Plovnick), we also have a new EP from Zachary Wilson (Andy & Zeus). Don't Panic was recorded by Zack at home during breaks from performing/rehearsing/recording with Andy & Zeus, between March and August of 2011. While some of the tones and textures might sound familiar to fans of A&Z, the clarity of the mix sets it apart from the "mind-mush" normally associated with that group. These 4 songs are a good blend of "astral club musick" and drones 'n' tones, nicely showcasing Zack's strengths as composer/producer/performer. Give a listen below, then head over to his bandcamp and buy the EP for $2.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

9/20/2011 - Iain Matthews / Sore Eros/ James O'Malley

9/20/2011 8PM $12 21+
The Electrick Gypsy Service Presents:

Iain Matthews (Fairport Convention/MSC/Plainsong/Etc.)
Sore Eros
James O'Malley

Public Assembly
70 N. 6th Street
Williamsburg, Brooklyn, New York 11211

We are very very excited to present Iain Matthews in his only New York City appearance of 2011. If you haven't already, check out the first two Fairport Convention records, the Matthews Southern Comfort records, and the Plainsong LP and you'll see why. If you still aren't convinced, go ahead and check out any one of his many fine solo LPs (If You Saw Thro' My Eyes, Tigers Will Survive, Some Days You Eat the Bear and Some Days the Bear Eats You, and Valley Hi are just a few of my favorites). And it only gets better: Sore Eros (SHDWPLY/Blackburn Recordings) will be supporting him. They have two great LPs out (Know Touching and Second Chants) as well as a handful of singles and 7"s, plus some new stuff in the works. Special guest James O'Malley starts the night off with his sweet voice and excellent guitar work. Not a show to miss!

facebook event
Public Assembly

Dolph Rundgren - EP

EGS022: Dolph Rundgren - EP

Three new tunes and one unreleased nugget from the past make up this new digital EP from AR Plovnick (Andy & Zeus/Lead Stones), released as Dolph Rundgren. Drum machines, electronic pianos, guitars, synthesizers, and aux percussion intermingle with a healthy dose of Space Echo to create a pretty sort of melancholic pop. The first three tracks were recorded this year on 16-track tape at EGS HQ, and though each song occupies a different place in the multiverse, they vibe well together. The closing track is culled from an as-yet unreleased "Progressive Hardcore" concept EP titled AR Plovnick/Isolation, which may explain the slightly more sinister vibe. Recorded on 8-track tape at the old EGS HQ in 2009, it serves well as a closer to this collection. Available as a free digital download at bandcamp.

Double Entendre - Irene

Double Entendre - Irene EP

Hurricane Irene didn't destroy New York City when she rolled through at the end of August, but she did manage to keep most of us in or homes for a weekend. While that may seem like a drag to some of you, it turned out to be a good thing for EGS partner Ryan Daniels AKA Double Entendre. You see, Ryan's studio is set up in his apartment and he got right to work making and manipulating 5 second tape loops into full-bore songs. The resulting EP, aptly titled Irene, is a hypnotic slice of electro-acoustic magick. Hear it for yourself below, then head over to his bandcamp and buy it for a measly $2.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Beach Foam - Songs To Walk To

Beach Foam - Songs To Walk To

I got an email from someone named j g containing nothing but a link to this Soundcloud page. I thought the tunes were cool (and the subject of the email was 'music submission') so I figured I'd post them here. Songs To Walk To is comprised of eight short instrumental tunes that sound like they would indeed make a good headphone soundtrack for walking around in the heat. Dig it.

Songs to walk to by BEACH FOAM

Thursday, June 16, 2011

AR Plovnick - Satchidananda

EGS021: AR Plovnick - Satchidananda

AR Plovnick (Andy & Zeus/Lead Stones) serves up two tasty slices of meditative bliss on this new limited edition tape. Recorded live directly to cassette tape at Electrick Gypsyland studio using synthesizers, electronic organ, and various echo devices. 'Mind Voyage' soundtracks suitable for beginners and experts alike. Start your day in peace with the Morning Program and ease into the nighttime hours with the Evening Program. The digital transfer did not meet EGS quality standards, so we aren't offering downloads at this time, Now available for free download, and the tapes sound excellent. Order online (link below) or if you're in Brooklyn, you can pick one up at the Sky Picnic/Lead Stones/No Kill/AR Plovnick show at Legion on 6/18.
Limited Edition of 15 tapes.

Side A:
1. Morning Program

Side B:
1. Evening Program

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Lead Stones - Set + Setting

EGS020/TAMB002: Lead Stones - Set + Setting

Set + Setting compiles various early recordings from Lead Stones onto one 40 minute tape. Aside from the Everlasting Pill/Velvet Duel single and the Lord I Feel It video, none of these recordings have been previously released. Equal parts moody and energetic, will appeal to fans of Spiritualized, H.P. Lovecraft, Amon Duul II, etc. Features current members of Andy & Zeus as well as ex-members of Monark. Split release with These Are My Bongos.
Limited edition of 30 tapes/Unlimited digital edition.

Side A:
1. Lord I Feel It
2. Everlasting Pill
3. Velvet Duel
4. Pope Joan
5. Strange Stone

Side B:
1. The Breaks
2. The Bleacher
3. Here Without You (Gene Clark/Bug Music)
4. Beach 67

Lead Stones - Velvet Duel from These Are My Bongos on Vimeo.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Andy & Zeus - Tales of Power

EGS015: Andy & Zeus - Tales of Power

Tales of Power is the first full length release of new material from Andy & Zeus. Program A is comprised of 5 shorter tunes and represents the "pop" side of the AZ spectrum. Electric guitars float on drum machine rafts in a sea of synthesizers. Program B is 1 longer, ambient piece and represents our spacier, cerebral side. This track, All Positions, was recorded live in the studio with no overdubs. All songs were recorded and mixed in our studio in Greenpoint, and mastered by Tom Vigliotta. Available on cassette with a full color sleeve designed, printed, and assembled lovingly at EGS HQ, and as a standard digital download (which is also included free if you buy a tape).
Limited Edition of 30 tapes/Unlimited digital edition.

Program A:
1. Primitive Guitars
2. Peacock Head
3. Gigbag
4. No Foolin' Mr. Howe

Program B:
1. All Positions