Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Dolph Rundgren - EP

EGS022: Dolph Rundgren - EP

Three new tunes and one unreleased nugget from the past make up this new digital EP from AR Plovnick (Andy & Zeus/Lead Stones), released as Dolph Rundgren. Drum machines, electronic pianos, guitars, synthesizers, and aux percussion intermingle with a healthy dose of Space Echo to create a pretty sort of melancholic pop. The first three tracks were recorded this year on 16-track tape at EGS HQ, and though each song occupies a different place in the multiverse, they vibe well together. The closing track is culled from an as-yet unreleased "Progressive Hardcore" concept EP titled AR Plovnick/Isolation, which may explain the slightly more sinister vibe. Recorded on 8-track tape at the old EGS HQ in 2009, it serves well as a closer to this collection. Available as a free digital download at bandcamp.

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