Thursday, January 20, 2011

Andy & Zeus - Tales of Power

EGS015: Andy & Zeus - Tales of Power

Tales of Power is the first full length release of new material from Andy & Zeus. Program A is comprised of 5 shorter tunes and represents the "pop" side of the AZ spectrum. Electric guitars float on drum machine rafts in a sea of synthesizers. Program B is 1 longer, ambient piece and represents our spacier, cerebral side. This track, All Positions, was recorded live in the studio with no overdubs. All songs were recorded and mixed in our studio in Greenpoint, and mastered by Tom Vigliotta. Available on cassette with a full color sleeve designed, printed, and assembled lovingly at EGS HQ, and as a standard digital download (which is also included free if you buy a tape).
Limited Edition of 30 tapes/Unlimited digital edition.

Program A:
1. Primitive Guitars
2. Peacock Head
3. Gigbag
4. No Foolin' Mr. Howe

Program B:
1. All Positions


  1. "Limited Edition of 30 tapes/Unlimited digital edition."

    Where can I find this digital version? Bandcamp sez "SOLD OUT" but no download option. I mean, I can listen anytime I'm online but there's nothing like headphones and a soft pillow...

    Thanks! Andy & Zeus are exceptional!

  2. oops! i fixed it, just click 'buy now' and enter zero for the digital album.
    thanks for the kind words, by the way!