Thursday, September 16, 2010

Zachary Wilson - Slight Return

EGS011: Zachary Wilson - Slight Return EP

Here's a 4-pack of tunes that Zack from Andy & Zeus made in early 2004, shortly after moving back to his home state of Maine from Boston (where I had first met/known him). The death of a laptop in 2006 erased most of his recordings from that period, but he had these songs safely burned onto a CD-r. There are some pretty cool sounds spread across these tracks, with artists like King Crimson, Suicide, Ariel Pink, and even Black Flag popping up in my head while I was listening to this. Zack says he was also "starting to dip my toes into the Detroit techno classics" at the time. It's pretty raw and it kinda sounds like it could have come out now. Which I suppose is why I'm putting it out now.

Track Listing:
1. Surveillance Feed
2. Slight Return/In the Box
3. Expectations
4. Tunnel Vision (edit)

download: sendspace *UPDATED LINK 5/26/2011*

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