Tuesday, January 31, 2012

ODO & AR Plovnick

EGS025: ODO & AR Plovnick

On January 9, 2010 AR Plovnick (Andy & Zeus, Lead Stones, etc.) and FORMA, were invited by Concord Ballet Orchestra Players to perform as support acts at Issue Project Room in Brooklyn. At the time, I wasn't playing out very often and I was sort of oblivious to the vast music scene happening around me, so I jumped at the opportunity to play. I made visuals for all three acts to use (my dvd player got pretty funky during CBOP, leading to some interesting repetitions), loaded my girlfriend's car up with some synths and my space echo, and drove on down to Gowanus. My curiosity was piqued when I saw FORMA's array of synthesizers, drum machines, and monochords, and needless to say I was very impressed with what they did with them. We kept in touch after the show (I even had my 29th birthday party at their home/studio/loft, The Schoolhouse), played a few more shows together, and eventually I got Mark (who performs solo as ODO) into my studio for an off-the-cuff jam. I wasn't great about keeping accurate studio logs at the time, but I think this recording was made some time in August or September of 2010. We tracked it live to tape and pretty much immediately forgot about it. Well I recently found the tape and it sounds pretty cool, and he thought it was cool, so here we all are. It 'officially' comes out on March 6th, as a free download or on tape (program repeats on both sides), but for now you can stream it (or download it right away if you pre-order the tape). If you're in the Brooklyn area, it'll also be available at CO-OP 87 (along with all of our other physical releases) so pick it up there if you don't dig mailorder.

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