Thursday, May 31, 2012

Lead Stones - Heaven b/w Bottle Goblins

EGS023: Lead Stones - Heaven b/w Bottle Goblins 7"

Yup, you read that correctly, it says 7" (as in seven inch vinyl record).  EGS, in association with These Are My Bongos, is making our first (and long overdue) foray into the money pit.  Two new Lead Stones songs recorded in the EGS studio pressed onto black or white vinyl by Brooklyn Phono.  Heaven is a swirling slice of high energy psych-drone, complete with screaming slide guitars and kaleidoscopic organ.  On the flip side, Bottle Goblins is a cool dip in a sea of warm jelly.  Loping keyboard bass and buzzing synth lay out beneath a breezy guitar melody that gently blows the cobwebs from the furthest corners of your mind.  It's already available to download or stream, and we should have physical copies in a month or so.  Give it a listen and pre-order if you like what you hear.

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