Saturday, June 26, 2010

Andy & Zeus - EP

EGS007: Andy & Zeus - EP

The second release from Andy & Zeus is here. And once again we have CDs and MP3s. With tighter structures, stronger melodies, and more textural variety, I like to think these three songs show a vast improvement over the first single. Sung melodies intermingle with guitar/synth harmonies over a radioactive pulse, then a dark stranger shows up and the party gets a little weird. The last song, Here We All Are is a tribute to both Baba Rama Dass and Steve Hillage, and features guest vocals from Mieke Van Halsema of Wassaic.

Track Listing:
1. Luna Sea (Riding a Moonbeam)
2. Humid Hang
3. Here We All Are
Andy & Zeus - Humid Hang by electrickgypsyservice

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