Wednesday, June 30, 2010

now accepting submissions/new releases

Hello to all my faithful friends, followers, and fans.
In the interest of keeping things interesting around here, I've decided to add a Soundcloud dropbox to the page for submissions. It's that little box on the right side of your screen that says 'send me your track.' You can also check out some samples from all of our releases on our Soundcloud page. The future is here, and its pretty cool. I'd like to start showcasing and releasing more projects that I like, but may not have as much (if anything) to do with me, so don't be afraid to send stuff to me if we've never met. To celebrate this development, I've got some new reissues in the works for the next couple weeks, and I fixed the dead links for almost all of the past releases as well.
Thanks for reading and for listening!
-A.R. Plovnick
The Electrick Gypsy Service

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