Friday, November 13, 2009

Brains in Danger - Demo

EGS004: Brains in Danger - Demo

*UPDATED LINK 5/26/2011*
Another long post here, please bear with me! Brains in Danger was the first serious band that I played guitar with. The band was formed in late March of 2002 in order to play a show at the Berwick Institute in Boston, MA that Chris Strunk was setting up that coincided with my 21st birthday that year. The original lineup featured Seth Olanksy on drums, A.R. Plovnick playing Seth's Wayne's World II edition Stratocaster, and DFJ on Bass. We played 3 REALLY loud instrumental-psych jams featuring a weird mix of breakbeat drumming and echo-heavy feedback guitar on a bill featuring some local hardcore bands and IO from Pittsburgh (sorry I forgot the lineup! If you remember, leave a comment!!). Our second show was a week or two later with more local hardcore bands as well as Ampere & Das Oath. After that we recorded a demo to 1/2" 8 track tape in a nameless loft in Providence, RI. I still have the 1/2" tape, but I don't know the current whereabouts of the cassette tape master, so that demo will have to wait for another posting. Anyways, shortly after that, Justin left the band to focus on his drumming with about a billion different hardcore bands (I remember showing up to practice at his house one time just as the dudes from Mental were leaving haha).
Seth and I decided to carry on with the band, and his friend Steve Lord joined on the bass. This would prove to be the 'classic' lineup, and we moved into a practice space in Allston, MA. At some point, Karen Tsiakals joined to play synthesizer, but this lineup never really gelled and after a couple gigs she moved on to form UV Protection and we were back to the trio lineup. This lineup would head into Studio B @ AI New England/Masscomm to record a demo as a project for one of my classes. This was my first project behind the board of anything bigger than 4 tracks, and it proved to be a challenge trying to engineer and perform, but with the help of my great friend Ed 'Butch' Galka, we managed to get it done. Included as a bonus track in this download is a FANTASTIC remix of 'The Drifter" done by Brendan 'B-Side' Long (of Ryker Vs. Bear) fame.

Track Listing:
1. Glass Eye
2. The Drifter
3. The Dream Traveller
4. Mushroom Heater
5. Marijuanaut
6. The Drifter (B-Side remix)*
Brains in Danger - The Drifter (B-Sides remix) by electrickgypsyservice

download: sendspace

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